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Architecture Installation




Venice, Italy


Completed in 2018

Partners in Charge

Eddie Ieong, Manuel Lam, Pilo Vong, Benny Chu


Macao has transformed from a small fishing port, into today’s world-famous “Las Vegas of the East”. With its cityscape under rapid transformation, in what form will the “Freespace” of Macao be presented? Through its centuries-old history, a rich variety of Chinese, Western and even the fusion of both architectures have been erected on this land, and they have become World Heritage sites. In the last few decades, boosted by rapid economic growth, international style high-rise buildings have mushroomed, alongside recently built mega casinos and hotels; altogether creating a dazzling metropolitan kaleidoscope. However, Macao locals always lament the lack of human touch in the cosmopolitan Macao. Therefore, through exploring the theme of “Freespace”, we hope to discover spatial elements which can hatch unique local atmosphere. Travelling through alleys and high-rise buildings, we found the resonance between people and space in the most ordinary locations in everyday life: from the open-air street market on Rua da Emenda to Lou Lim Ieoc Garden, from dense high-rise housings, to the stairs leading to the Ruins of St. Paul’s.


There is an “interaction” in these spaces showing unique vitality; and more importantly, the local atmosphere unintentionally gives the particular space a sense of human touch. This is the “Freespace” of Macao that we want to present, which we call “Unintended Architecture”.




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